Why should I care about Jaimat’s resolutions?

Screen shot of twitter conversation with Kanchan GuptaTo Mr. Kanchan Gupta:

Posting here since I can’t condense this in a tweet.

Groups and individuals have a fundamental human right to express their opinions. You have a right disagree with their views publicly.

You have been relentlessly tweeting about their resolutions. I am wondering what makes you *so* worked up. I am sure there are so many other individuals and groups that you disagree with. If you disagree with a policy or action of a government, I can understand that. Why should you and me be affected by whether or not someone wants to sing or not sing a song?

For example, you said, “I really do wish there would be a vigorous and loud debate on Jamiat’s 24 other resolutions.” This is what prompted my tweet. Why should I waste my time debating what they say? Maybe there is a resolution that says, “2+2=5.” Bad for them.

My fundamental question is, “Why do you care, and why should I?”


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Rajesh on November 7, 2009 at 1:39 pm

    The question tells us abt ur level of intellectuality. Only a dumb and innocent can ask question like that. Before somebody tell u the answer of ur laughable question go and find out difference between fatwa and “personal opinion”. BTW can I have a “personal belief” of making this country a Hindu Rastra ? Would u then have a problem with me ?


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